Guitar Techniques - - JUMP BLUES -

Mr Beck would th­ese days es­chew the pick and play with fin­gers only, but this ex­am­ple can be played finger style, us­ing hy­brid pick Pin hgil,C or ap­siom np el' yswJiUthMP an ac­cu­rately aimed plec­trum. The choice is yours! Where phrases are based on open chords (E7 in bars 1-4 and A7 in bar 5), hold down the shape to al­low the notes to ring. The end­ing lick (bar 15) is not in­tended to re­flect spe­cific

add ten­sion and ex­cite­ment be­fore the con­clud­ing tonic chord. This ap­proach was com­monly used by rock­a­billy, jump blues and rock roll play­ers of the 50s in so­los and end­ings alike.

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