EXAMPLE13 FUll Piece 1

Guitar Techniques - - PLAY -

ap­ply­ing some of th­ese ideas in a rock con­text, this solo con­tains a con­cen­tra­tion of string skip­ping you per­haps wouldn’t nor­mally find in

Gy­oUuITrAavRerTaEgCeH­soNlIoQ.UBuEtShoMpAeG­fuAlZ­lyINitEstil2l s7h3ows the ideas be­ing used in a rea­son­ably re­al­is­tic way. Us­ing plenty of gain, but conRtri­o­cll­hi­na­gr­dunBwarn­rtetdt's string noise with se­lec­tive palm mut­ing, the first half is more of a full-on as­sault, let­ting up for a more melodic ap­proach, us­ing the neck pickup. If you’ve looked through and tried the pre­vi­ous ex­am­ples, this should all

aFnEdAshToUuRldEin­spire you to want to mas­ter th­ese ideas.

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