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Guitar Techniques - - PLAY JOHN DOWLAND -

[Bars 1-18] I like to break this piece into sec­tions. The first is bars 1-10, beat 3. We be­gin with a sin­gle-note theme played with al­ter­nat­ing fingers for three bars.GTUhiIsTAisRreTpEeaCtHeNdIaQnUoEcS­taMveAdGoAwZnINiEn b2ar744and played with the thumb with a counter melody above. Pick­ing-hand fin­ger­ing is pro­vid­edD­foorwth­laen­wdh'sole- sec­tion. Aim to give a clear dis­tinc­tion be­tween the parts and pay at­ten­tion to the bass notes – don’t cut them short. In bar 9 I play the C# on beat 2& with a hinge barre to pre­pare for the B7/F# on beat 3. The next sec­tion is bar 10 beat 4 to bar 18 beat 1. Treat the fin­ger­ing with a sim­i­lar ap­proach as be­fore and aim

and a con­sis­tent tone. Fret­ting-hand neat­ness and dex­ter­ity is vi­tal so prac­tise each move­ment from shape to shape slowly and care­fully.

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