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Guitar Techniques - - PLAY JOHN DOWLAND -

In bar 39 we have a cross-string trill and I have sug­gested us­ing a tremolo fin­ger­ing in the pick­ing hand. This trill is of­ten played on the sec­ond string with out string cross­ing. Ei­ther way it’s tricky and needs prac­tice to gain suf­fi3­cient speed. My next sug­gested prac­tice sec­tion is bar 39 beat 3, to bar 46. No­tice the new phrase that keeps oc­cur­ring, start­ing on beat 3& in bar 40 with the three re­peated E notes. Play this slightly stac­cato and no­tice how is it echoed in the fol­low­ing few bars. At bar 46 we have an­other new sec­tion – a one-bar mo­tif that’s re­peated an oc­tave up. This one-bar mo­tif con­tin­ues and de­vel­ops and is al­ways re­peated at a dif­fer­ent oc­tave. Use this op­por­tu­nity to play with con­trast­ing dy­nam­ics and tone.

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