Ex­am­plE6 Maj7 ar­peg­gio against Chro­matic func­tion­ing Har­mony

cd track 59

Guitar Techniques - - LEARNING ZONE -

In this in­stance Bireli is con­sid­er­ing the big­ger pic­ture, rather than get­ting too in­volved in the smaller de­tails of the mov­ing har­mony. So, rather than fol­low­ing the chro­matic de­scend­ing move­ment of dom­i­nant 7th chords from G7 down to e7, he in­stead plays a strong as­cend­ing phrase based around a G ma­jor 7th ar­peg­gio (GB d F#) and al­lows this slight sense of ten­sion to re­solve it­self when the se­quence fi­nally comes back to the tonic key of G ma­jor. From a rhyth­mic per­spec­tive, aim to stay as ac­cu­rate as pos­si­ble to the cen­tre of each beat.

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