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EX­AM­PLE 13 More 11-note group­ings here. This time, we’re ap­ply­ing the prin­ci­ple to a three-notes-per-string pat­tern that spans CaGed shapes #4 and #5 and em­ploys string skip­ping.

EX­AM­PLE 14 Fi­nally, we fin­ish with a line that use 12-note group­ings util­is­ing the same three-oc­tave sym­met­ri­cal fin­ger­ing em­ployed in ex­am­ple 11; only, this time, we’re as­cend­ing in­stead of de­scend­ing. as with ex­am­ple 8, no­tice b3rd, how we fin­ish with a bluesy C (adding a not found within the a dom­i­nant Pen­ta­tonic scale) but bent to­wards the more ap­pro­pri­ate C# via a shal­low quar­ter-tone bend (known as a blues ‘curl’). I hope that you en­joy these ideas and can be­gin to in­cor­po­rate them into your day-to-day play­ing.

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