Guitar Techniques - - LEARNING ZONE -

Again the first four bars are re­peated and fea­ture a funky line, as in Ex­am­ple 1, but this time an oc­tave lower, so it is a com­ple­men­tary part as a whole, but also clev­erly in­ter­locks ex­actly at spe­cific points with the ‘Gui­tar part 1’ to make the t2wo parts in­ter­est­ing and co­he­sive when heard to­gether. The cho­rus sec­tion pro­vides a chord back­ing pad to Gui­tatr 1’s oc­taves part (as a dou­ble-stop) and also a funky part for con­trast, over both the Fm7 and Cm7 chords. Use a ‘both pick­ups on or ‘in-be­tween’ se­lec­tion and turn up the com­pres­sor (again, if you have one) to make the notes ‘pop’. Have fun!

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