EXAMPLE8 Flat 5 melody note over chord iv oF a blues

Guitar Techniques - - PLAY | THE BLUES SCALE -

The Blues scale, as we dis­cov­ered in Ex­am­ple 5, sounds awe­some when played o2ver chord iv of the blues, but in that sce­nario as a pass­ing note. What if you hit the in­ter­val hard against the chord? in bars 3-4 of this ex­am­ple, you can hear the E Blues scale played against A13 (chord iv). no­tice how the flat 5 re­solves down to an A (the chord’s root) in both cases, il­lus­trat­ing pre­ferred res­o­lu­tion di­rec­tion when play­ing over the iv chord of a blues.

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