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EX­AM­PLE 12 This de­scend­ing equiv­a­lent of ex­am­ple 11 starts with the fret­ting hand in shape #5. In bar 46, the pick­ing-hand tap bend (16th fret) is sup­ported with a bend on the 12th fret of the same string with the fret­ting hand. The vi­brato on that bend also comes from the fret­ting-hand bend at the 12th fret.

EX­AM­PLE 13 We fin­ish off with an­other four-notes-per-string ex­am­ple; this time, fea­tur­ing string skips and ex­e­cuted us­ing a com­bi­na­tion of fret­ting- and pick­ing-hand tap­ping. This ex­am­ple spans three CAGED shapes (#4, #5 and #1). rhyth­mi­cally, it’s sep­tu­plets through­out (seven notes per beat). If you tar­get the note at the start of each beat and fo­cus on get­ting all the notes in be­tween as evenly-spaced as pos­si­ble, the in­ter­nal rhythms should look af­ter them­selves.

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