Us­ing Di­a­tonic Arpeg­gios

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When solo­ing we can use di­a­tonic arpeg­gios (se­quen­tial chord tones from the scale) to out­line the sound of the Dorian mode ex­tremely ef­fec­tively. This can sound far more sophisi­cated than just us­ing a straight­for­ward scale ori­en­tated ap­proach. Any of the fol­low­ing arpeg­gios will iso­late a dif­fer­ent group of in­ter­vals and there­fore pro­vide a dif­fer­ent sonic pal­ette to work from: I = Cmaj7 – IIm = Dm7IIIm VIImb5 = Em7 – IV = Fmaj7 – V = G7 – VIm = Am7 and = Bm7b5. Have a play through them with a Dm7 chord as a back­ing to pro­vide con­text, or record a nice mi­nor walk­ing bassline (bet­ter still, get a mate to play along). Make a note of the ones you like the sound of and in­clude them in your fu­ture im­pro­vis­ing. Lis­ten to our demon­stra­tion so­los and you will hear var­i­ous arpeg­gios be­ing used; learn­ing these will also help you to de­velop this con­cept.

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