Ex­am­ple1 Swing­ing lines with al­tered ex­ten­sions and Ly­dian mode against Imaj7

Guitar Techniques - - LEARN­ING ZONE -

Our first ex­am­ple, tog­gling be­tween G ma­jor and its rel­a­tive E mi­nor, makes great use of chord tones and the associated arpeg­gios, although we see some use of al­tered ex­ten­sions and colour tones as the line ex­pands. In bar 8 we ex­pe­ri­ence bold use of both raised and flat­tened 9ths against the un­der­ly­ing D7, re­solv­ing to C# against Gmaj7, the #4th de­gree im­ply­ing the Ly­dian mode (R-2-3-#4-5-6-7).

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