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Guitar Techniques - - LEARN­ING ZONE -

We’ll use our ‘mas­ter ex­er­cise’ tem­plate, with the C Ly­dian mode ar­ranged in po­si­tion 1. Start­ing off with the associated Cmaj chord for ref­er­ence, we’ll as­cend and de­scend the scale us­ing legato. Pick lightly and ham­mer down hard to de­velop strength and ac­cu­racy. The fret­ting-hand first fin­ger should be po­si­tioned with its tip set to mute the ad­ja­cent string be­low, as well as all higher tre­ble strings un­der­neath. For the ma­jor 7 arpeg­gio form in bars 6-7, we’ll be us­ing sweep pick­ing com­bined with ham­mer-ons and pull-offs. When ex­e­cut­ing the sweep strokes, con­cen­trate on push­ing (or pulling when de­scend­ing) the pick through the strings in a sin­gle mo­tion, sim­i­lar to the action of drag­ging a stick through park rail­ings. In bars 8-14, we’ll con­tinue by as­cend­ing and de­scend­ing the scale in 5ths us­ing strict al­ter­nate pick­ing. This will in­volve bar­ring and rolling as you use a sin­gle digit to ex­e­cute ad­ja­cent notes across two strings, so start off by po­si­tion­ing the fin­ger with its tip set to mute off the lower string, be­fore lean­ing for­wards from the wrist and rolling or ‘pinch­ing’ onto the lower ad­ja­cent note.

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