Use DADGAD Tun­ing

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The DADGAD name comes from the notes the strings are tuned to. DADGAD tun­ing is of­ten re­ferred to as a modal tun­ing. The DADGAD tun­ing is am­bigu­ous in terms of be­ing ma­jor or mi­nor as it con­tains per­fect 4ths (G), per­fect 5ths (A), the root (D) but no 3rd. The open strings strummed to­gether are ba­si­cally a big Dsus4 chord. This tun­ing is pop­u­lar among solo fin­ger­style gui­tarists and is es­pe­cially ef­fec­tive when play­ing Celtic tunes. Many acous­tic gui­tarists of a per­cus­sive per­sua­sion also favour this tun­ing. DADGAD is great for cre­at­ing full sound­ing ar­range­ments and oth­er­wise tricky sin­gle-note lines.

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