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This has been an in­ter­est­ing jour­ney for me as I started with ex­tremely light strings. I’m not sure what the low strings were but the high E was a .008. I took four les­sons from a lo­cal teacher when I was about 12 and he put the light gauge on af­ter he tried the fenc­ing wire that I had on the guitar ini­tially. He said it would make it eas­ier for me as a be­gin­ner and he was right. I grad­u­ally moved to .009s and stayed there for a few years but even­tu­ally slide guitar took more pri­or­ity so I moved to .010 - .048 and used that gauge up un­til the mid ‘90s when I went to .011 - .052. See­ing as I pre­fer to play slide in stan­dard tun­ing it en­ables me to use the same guitar for both slide and reg­u­lar play­ing so the com­pro­mise is that I can get a beefier tone for the slide but keep the ac­tion quite low so I can also do my legato stuff. The .011s have a slinkier feel on the ESP Hori­zon Cus­tom that I play so it works out okay. I have to make sure I prac­tise quite a lot as the strength needed to play this gauge dis­si­pates very quickly if I’m not play­ing much. A good in­cen­tive to stay in the wood­shed!

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