Ex­am­ples MIXOLY­DIAN 3rds

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EX­AM­PLE 3 Here, we start off with as­cend­ing 3rds taken up through the scale. This is fol­lowed, in bar 19, by as­cend­ing tri­ads (as shown in Di­a­gram 2, when you play two con­sec­u­tive 3rds, you pro­duce a triad) taken lat­er­ally up the neck and topped off with de­scend­ing 3rds taken up along the length of the first string. Again, all two-note mo­tifs will be­come rhyth­mi­cally dis­placed when played to an eighth-note triplet rhythm.

EX­AM­PLE 4 Here, in Bars 27 and 28, a suc­ces­sion of de­scend­ing tri­ads from within A Mixoly­dian are played on the top two strings as the fret­ting hand adopts a lat­eral mo­tion down the length of the guitar neck. No­tice how the tri­ads are given more vo­cal ar­tic­u­la­tion by slid­ing ei­ther up­wards or down­wards into the first note of each triad.

EX­AM­PLE 5 In Bar 35 of this ex­am­ple, we see more de­scend­ing tri­ads from within the scale, only this time they are played in a de­scend­ing se­quence by stay­ing within the same area of the neck (ver­ti­cal rather than lat­eral mo­tion).

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