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EX­AM­PLE 9 As yet an­other vari­a­tion on the arpeg­gio ap­proach em­ployed in the pre­vi­ous two ex­am­ples, here we’re tak­ing de­scend­ing arpeg­gio forms up through the scale while re­main­ing within one area of the neck.

EX­AM­PLE 10 Next, we see a mix­ture of some of the pre­vi­ous ap­proaches ap­plied within a sin­gle line. First, bar 75 starts off with a suc­ces­sion of de­scend­ing 3rds played in an as­cend­ing se­quence through the scale in the same area of the neck (ver­ti­cal mo­tion), and then con­cludes with a four-note de­scend­ing arpeg­gio. This is then fol­lowed, in bar 76, by the straight­for­ward as­cent and des­cent of a stack of 3rds taken from within the scale (this su­per­arpeg­gio shape can be viewed as A11 as it com­prises 1-3-5- 9-11).

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