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Con­scious prac­tice

How ‘awake’ are you when you prac­tise? Do you find your mind switch­ing off and re­alise you have played a whole page with­out con­scious aware­ness of it? This can be okay when play­ing some­thing you know very well but if you are learn­ing a new piece or try­ing to im­prove your ac­cu­racy then you will benefit from more con­scious aware­ness. Work in man­age­able (short) sec­tions and con­sciously think about ev­ery aspect of what you are learn­ing; how you feel phys­i­cally, your pos­ture, hand po­si­tions, which fin­gers you are us­ing in both hands, what chords/har­mony you are play­ing. Face tricky pas­sages head on in a slow, me­thod­i­cal way. Do not prac­tise with mis­takes – you will only em­bed the mis­takes fur­ther so be pa­tient!

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