Guitar Techniques - - LESSON ACOUSTIC COUNTRY -

[Bar 18] Watch out for the rhythms in this and the fol­low­ing bar as the strum­ming picks up pace; be care­ful not to rush through these two bars though. [Bar 20] The ham­mer-on em­bel­lish­ment on the C chord may take a lit­tle work, but keep a re­laxed pick­ing hand and sync it all up you’ll be fine!

[Bar 29] Here’s a clas­sic ‘cross-pick­ing’ phrase on the G ma­jor chord. This may test your pick­ing hand so en­sure that ev­ery­thing is even and you can hear each note in the picked phrases. Cross-pick­ing is fun­da­men­tal to this style so you’ll need to crack it if you want to play con­vinc­ing coun­try or blue­grass gui­tar. cd track 53

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