De­scend­ing hy­brid pick­ing lick

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This month’s lick is a tasty coun­try tinged idea that de­scends from the 12th po­si­tion to open us­ing a va­ri­ety of in­ter­vals on the way. In or­der they b7, b6, b6. are: 6, 6, Through­out the phrase the open sixth string is used as a pedal tone. GUI­TAR The de­scend­ing TECH­NIQUES line played MAG­A­ZINE on the third 2 8 string 6 is a chro­matic scale that de­scends from F# at the 11th fret to G# at the 1st. No­tice how on two oc­ca­sions there are re­peated E and B notes (root and 5th of the ac­com­pa­ny­ing E7 chord). You might find the rhythm a lit­tle tricky in bars De­scend­ing Hy­brid Pick­ing Lick 2 and 3 as each bar is phrased as ‘nested tu­plets’; you es­sen­tially have two bars of crotchet triplets that are then fur­ther sub­di­vided with three notes played evenly against each; it sounds com­pli­cated but is a nat­u­ral thing to pick up and play by ear. I use a hy­brid pick­ing ap­proach through­out with my pick­ing-hand sec­ond fin­ger tak­ing care of all the notes played on the first string and the pick play­ing those on the third. It could also be played fin­ger­style so try both meth­ods and use whichever suits. Once you have nailed the lick as writ­ten, do come up with sim­i­lar ideas of your own us­ing dif­fer­ent scales and in­ter­vals, against a va­ri­ety of chord types.

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