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Thanks for the very in­ter­est­ing and in­for­ma­tive ar­ti­cle about the new CITES reg­u­la­tions in the last is­sue [422]. This made me won­der – per­haps the gui­tar-mak­ing in­dus­try (ei­ther as in­di­vid­ual com­pa­nies or as a col­lec­tive) could spon­sor af­foresta­tion/ re­for­esta­tion and/or sus­tain­able for­est man­age­ment schemes. They could tie this in with con­ser­va­tion bod­ies to help man­age, pro­tect and per­haps even ex­pand threat­ened ecosys­tems.

Yes, we might pay more for our in­stru­ments, but we would do so know­ing that we are play­ing our part (no pun in­tended) in sav­ing these species for fu­ture gen­er­a­tions. Keep us in the loop! Dr Rob Hens­ley, via email Hi Rob, we’re glad you found the feature in­ter­est­ing. In fact, many of the larger mak­ers have taken col­lab­o­ra­tive steps to­wards a sus­tain­able fu­ture for tonewoods. As we’ve re­ported in this mag­a­zine, Tay­lor, for ex­am­ple, has be­gun work­ing with uni­ver­si­ties and com­pa­nies (such as Pa­cific Rim Tonewoods) to en­sure they can cul­ti­vate sus­tain­able sup­plies of fig­ured maple for decades to come. The com­pany also de­signed an all-new line of maple-bod­ied acous­tic gui­tars – the 600 Series – that pro­duce a more bal­anced tone than the bright-sound­ing voice of clas­sic maple acous­tics, specif­i­cally to help pop­u­larise it. Why? Be­cause Tay­lor, among other

for­ward-think­ing mak­ers, feels strongly that trop­i­cal hard­woods such as mahogany are over-ex­ploited and ex­pects such tonewoods to be in­creas­ingly hard to pro­cure from ver­i­fi­ably sus­tain­able sources as time goes by. Martin has a sim­i­larly far-reach­ing, sus­tain­able ap­proach to tonewoods, and other big mak­ers aren’t far be­hind.

Cer­ti­fi­ca­tion – ie, the in­spec­tion and ver­i­fi­ca­tion of a chain of sup­ply by in­de­pen­dent bod­ies such as FSC – is a key part of how many com­pa­nies com­ply with in­ter­na­tional law on this is­sue. We’ll be sure to keep you posted on this im­por­tant topic as time goes by and more changes are rung.

The new CITES reg­u­la­tions high­light the de­mand be­ing put on the forestry in­dus­try

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