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How­would you de­scribe tHe process of record­ing witH etHan? “He’s on the same wave as us and is so mu­si­cal that things just flow and hap­pen very nat­u­rally – com­pletely or­ganic and so fast! It all went down live to tape and the stuff we ended up us­ing was pretty much first or sec­ond takes, or when we didn’t even know we were record­ing! As much as we had stuff planned, it’s an open process. We had cer­tain ideas for cer­tain songs, but it was re­ally open to in­ter­pre­ta­tion un­til we ac­tu­ally got in the room and the red light was on.”

How­would you de­scribe tHe new sounds of ida Mae?

chris turpin (gui­tarist): “It’s kind of serene, chilled-out acous­tic Americana – rootsy blues meets blue-eyed soul with lots of res­onator gui­tar, in­clud­ing my 1931 Na­tional Duo­lian sin­gle-cone. Ethan played drums and some other in­stru­ments, like a 1924 Martin T-28 Ti­ple, on one of the songs, which was pretty amaz­ing. The first song we’re plan­ning to re­lease, Feel Them Get­ting Closer, is ac­tu­ally an elec­tric track, the only amp’d up song we’ve done so far, recorded us­ing an old Teisco Au­di­tion gui­tar through a Cor­nell Plexi 7, with an Ana­log Man CV7005 Sun Face and a 70s Ibanez Phase Tone. It kind of sounds like Lit­tle Feat meets The Black Keys.” Blues-Americana duo Ida Mae are cur­rently in the stu­dio with Ethan…

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