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At­mo­spheric tex­tures and evoca­tive tones are your trade­mark as a gui­tarist. What drew you to the lit­tle Vox AC10? “I first had a Vox AC10 when I was about 17 or 18. I had two Vox AC30s and an AC10. I loved the AC10 but it just wasn’t loud enough on stage at the time, be­cause back then we didn’t mic amps up, so I switched to an AC30, which was too loud! So I used to turn it around fac­ing the wall and crank it. Most of the things I do th­ese days are pretty quiet, so the AC10 is great for that, but in fact it can still get sur­pris­ingly loud.

“The AC10 I have at the mo­ment is in my stu­dio a lot of the time, I’ve used it on quite a few records and I’ve taken it out to play live with be­cause it’s re­li­able. I think Vox amps are re­li­able. The AC10 is small and light so it’s easy to move around. I re­ally love it, in fact it’s very sim­ple and it has a sweet spot when it gets up to a cer­tain level. It takes ped­als re­ally well, al­though it pos­sesses a good, ba­sic sound with­out any of the ped­als switched on and it sounds re­ally lovely if I add a slight bit of re­verb to it. The vi­brato sounds great and, though it doesn’t have a bear­ing on the sound, it looks cool – it’s got Vox writ­ten on it!”

Adrian Ult­ley’s ven­er­a­ble but tone­ful AC10 combo

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