1960 Vox Ac15

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The first AC15 am­pli­fiers, much like the post’woodie’ Fen­der amps, are of­ten re­ferred to as ‘TV-front’ due to their ap­pear­ance (up un­til the split-front fawn amps ar­rived in late-1960), with the con­trol panel lo­cated on the top fac­ing the rear, as gui­tarists nor­mally sat be­hind the amps in those days – be­fore the ‘back­line’ stage set up. Its fledgling model name, AC1/15, de­rived from: mains/al­ter­nat­ing cur­rent pow­ered (AC), first Vox am­pli­fier (1/) and 15 watts (15), al­though it was in fact slightly more pow­er­ful.

Two-piece wooden back, from 1960, ex­poses the rear of a 12", 15 watts, 15 ohms Good­mans Au­diom 60 speaker Black es­cutcheon con­trol panel of third circuit ver­sion (EF86) with 4 in­puts over chan­nels I and II and 6 round knobs in­clud­ing vi­brato con­trol

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