learn all tHe notes on tHe neck

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It’s worth learn­ing the note names of ev­ery fret on ev­ery string. This will help you with all as­pects of mu­si­cian­ship from sight-read­ing to the ap­pli­ca­tion of har­mony. Many play­ers learn the notes up the sixth and fifth strings to help play riffs and chords but the fourth, third and sec­ond strings tend to be a touch hazy. Try learn­ing the notes across a fret as op­posed to up and down one string – ie the 5th fret will have the notes A, D, G, C, E and A from low to high. Test your­self when you are away from the in­stru­ment by think­ing of any ran­dom fret num­ber and then recit­ing the note names that oc­cur on it. It’s a great way to im­prove your knowl­edge.

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