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Pro­fes­sional tech Chris Lawson of­fers this ad­vice on mic-ing up your amp for the live stage. “Ob­vi­ously in a live sit­u­a­tion things need to be be mic’d as close as pos­si­ble if you want to cut down on mi­cro­phone spillage. Nor­mally peo­ple use fairly tight dy­namic mics. The clas­sics for gui­tars are things like the Shure SM57 and Sennheiser MD409s and MD421s. But I’ve seen peo­ple us­ing Elec­troVoice RE20s and even AKG D12 kick-drum mics for a par­tic­u­larly bot­tom-end heavy sound.

“Peo­ple tend to go for the tra­di­tional stuff when mic-ing cabs. It comes down to the fact that peo­ple know they just work! The other thing with mi­cro­phones is to try and tuck them out of the way, be­cause stuff gets knocked around at a show. It de­pends how ath­letic the play­ers are – some peo­ple will leap around all over the place trail­ing ca­bles around and can eas­ily pull stuff off.”

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