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The magnetic field gen­er­ated by a pickup in­flu­ences how freely the strings can move, which in turn in­flu­ences their am­pli­fied sound. Jaime Camp­bell of The Cream­ery ex­plains: “The strength of the magnet will ei­ther al­low the strings to vi­brate more freely, if the magnet is weak, or less freely if the magnet is strong. And that af­fects the warmth, sweet­ness and at­tack of the am­pli­fied sound. For ex­am­ple, when some­one asks for a warm, vin­tage hum­bucker sound, I’ll of­ten sug­gest an Al­nico II magnet in the bridge, be­cause it’s slightly weaker and it ‘holds’ the string a lit­tle bit less, so it can vi­brate more freely and de­liver a sweeter, warmer bridge-po­si­tion sound. But I’ll sug­gest a stronger magnet – an Al­nico V – at the neck be­cause it’ll hold the string more and give a bit more clar­ity.”

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