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I bought a Fen­der Road­worn Strat about seven years ago. Why? Well, I can’t get on with shiny new gui­tars! They feel too new, the necks are of­ten sticky, and I feel bad if I ding them. My Strat felt like a pair of well­worn boots straight out of the case – sanded neck, rolled fin­ger­board, ni­tro fin­ish – and seven years and many gigs later, it’s still my go-to gui­tar. I hon­estly would not swap it for a cus­tom-shop Les Paul – I’ll prob­a­bly be buried with it! Nick Mee, Le­ices­ter Thanks Nick, you make a point that’s per­haps over­looked by play­ers who don’t like relic’d gui­tars, which is that the play­ing feel of the relic’d and road­worn in­stru­ments plays a big part in why some peo­ple like them, not just the styling. Some would say that you should wear gui­tars in your­self – but that might take a while, es­pe­cially with durable non­ni­tro fin­ishes. And, as you’ve dis­cov­ered, road­worn gui­tars will give just as many years of ser­vice as new ones.

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