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A great-sound­ing, af­ford­able non-valve amp What? Roland Blues Cube‘Hot’Combo Where seen? www.gear4­mu­ Price? £419 De­scrip­tion? I’ve played and de­moed sev­eral mod­els in the Blues Cube range and gen­uinely like them. Us­ing Roland’s Tube Logic tech­nol­ogy, this 30-watt combo looks pur­pose­ful in black, and at just over 400mm square and weigh­ing a pal­try 12.6kg, it’s small and light enough to carry in one hand with a gig-bag slung over the other shoul­der.These things re­ally do sound con­vinc­ing, and with on­board re­verb, plus switch­able Boost and Tone fea­tures, it of­fers a range of cool sounds from crys­tal clean to mean and meaty. Par­tic­u­larly nice touches are power scal­ing from 0.5w through 5w, 15w and full power, and a USB port for record­ing di­rect to com­puter. It can han­dle small gigs but would make the per­fect prac­tice and demo­ing buddy.

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