DC Drive 2018 £99

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The orig­i­nal DC Drive (now dis­con­tin­ued) was a dou­ble footswitch pedal that packed a boost along­side its over­drive. This new sin­gle-footswitch ver­sion loses the boost but still of­fers the over­drive, de­liv­ered via Level, Tone and Drive knobs and a Reg­u­lar/Fat tog­gle switch that ef­fec­tively gives the pedal two dis­tinct voices.

Reg­u­lar is quite lean, rolling off some of your bot­tom end, but Fat puts that back in and adds in lower mids for more girth and a smidge more gain – it’s fuller and smoother. There’s quite a range of drive avail­able here from clean boost through all shades in-be­tween to a driven-amp sat­u­ra­tion that brings out har­mon­ics, but cleans up very well with the vol­ume knob.

With a tone knob that fo­cuses on top-end pres­ence, there’s a host of crisp drive sounds to be had with plenty of string def­i­ni­tion. It makes a great dirt chan­nel for a clean amp but can also push driven sounds fur­ther. Ver­dict A work­man­like drive pedal with two voices, which would lend it­self to many styles

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