Jim Campi­longo


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Imag­ine the soul-search­ing Tele­caster lines of Roy Buchanan and add the perky, pris­tine melod­i­cism of Chet Atkins, then run the whole thing through a woozy hall of mir­rors and you get some­thing like Jim Campi­longo’s 2009 al­bum Orange. I’ve Got Blis­ters On My Fin­gers sees Jim carve jagged, swampy lines of melody from the air with his cus­tom­ary ’59 Tele and Prince­ton amp in a smoky, swirling am­bi­ence. He’s a mas­ter of warp­ing pitch right to the edge of what the ear can take, then pulling it all back into pris­tine glades of pure melody. Blues For Roy un­der­lines what he re­ally is – a wor­thy spir­i­tual suc­ces­sor to Roy Buchanan with a won­der­fully warped take on clas­sic id­ioms. Stand­out track: Blues For Roy Tech­nique take-home: Use pitch subtly

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