2015 Seville Es­tate Dr McMa­hon Yarra Val­ley Shi­raz

Halliday - - Halliday Wine Companion Awards 2019 -

Vines planted ’72, scrupu­lously hand-picked, se­lect­ing only the best; 100% whole-bunch fer­mented in two new French pun­cheons, 60 days on skins, ma­tured for 10 months. Gui­gal comes to the Yarra Val­ley. In­tensely aro­matic and equally in­tensely flavoured oak and fruit, fruit and oak. It’s like a frog trans­fixed by a snake – you just want to drink it – for­get de­con­struc­tion. Screw­cap. 13.5% alc.

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