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“I sur­round my­self with peo­ple who don’t fake laugh at my jokes.” – JEN­NIFER LAWRENCE AC­TOR AND LEO

LEO (July 23–Au­gust 22)

You get the go-ahead from the cos­mos to rein­vent your­self this month.whether you opt for a mi­nor health boost or a ma­jor makeover, you’ll feel re­newed and whole, but your ideal tar­get ar­eas are not just ex­ter­nal. From next month on, it’s what you know that makes you ir­re­sistible, so while you’re work­ing on im­prov­ing your body, throw in a makeover on your mind as well. And if a close re­la­tion­ship has been less than up­lift­ing lately, this month’s eclipse could shake up the status quo.

VIRGO (Au­gust 23–Septem­ber 22)

This is your last full month with larg­erthan-life Jupiter in your sign. It’s good to go out on a high, but as Jupiter is the planet of wis­dom, try de­ci­pher­ing what’s been so great about the past 12 months and how you can bring more of that into your life from now on. Mak­ing changes at home and swap­ping bad habits for new, eclipse-in­spired health rit­u­als is a start. Venus makes you lucky in love now, be­fore Jupiter moves on to make boost­ing your fi­nan­cial luck a year­long fo­cus.

LI­BRA (Septem­ber 23–Oc­to­ber 22)

You can thank lucky Jupiter for bless­ing you lately with ex­treme op­ti­mism and a vir­tual ‘get out of jail free’ card that’s fre­quently helped you dodge im­mi­nent dis­as­ter. But don’t push your luck: this month’s eclipse urges you not to take risks with un­wor­thy ro­mancers or un­re­li­able out­lets for your tal­ents. But put new, more sta­ble plans into place now and they can and will work out, as Jupiter moves into your own sign next month, mak­ing you luck­ier than you’ve been in more than a decade.

SCOR­PIO (Oc­to­ber 23–Novem­ber 21)

All the ef­fort you’ve put into your ca­reer fi­nally pays off this month, with recog­ni­tion and re­wards for the work you do or would like to do. Change is all around now, with new job op­por­tu­ni­ties and an eclipse high­light­ing a shift in your home life or the foun­da­tions your hopes and am­bi­tions are built on. Friend­ships are also up for re­view. But you have sup­port from the cos­mos for what comes next as lucky Jupiter is about to pro­vide you with your own per­sonal year­long safety net.

SAGIT­TAR­IUS (Novem­ber 22–De­cem­ber 21)

You’ve had a wel­come respite re­cently from be­ing un­der se­ri­ous Saturn’s thumb, but now you need to get down to busi­ness again.your ca­reer is this month’s head­line, though this time it’s dif­fer­ent: a pow­er­ful eclipse makes it less about trail­blaz­ing and more about learn­ing from your suc­cesses and fail­ures.what’s com­ing up next is how to ap­ply your tal­ents and tenac­ity to your own big dreams. Try it in tan­dem with friends, part­ners or loved ones as your mantra be­comes ‘it takes two’.

CAPRI­CORN (De­cem­ber 22–Jan­uary 19)

You’ve been pick­ing up clues on how to take more cal­cu­lated risks lately, and are about to get a big push into ter­ri­tory that could make your heart thump.this might in­volve a re­turn to study, fol­low­ing your in­stincts or fol­low­ing a lover over­seas, or build­ing an on­line em­pire.an eclipse could shake up your fi­nan­cial sit­u­a­tion this month, and alarm­ing as that might sound now, it’s a move that could ul­ti­mately boost your ca­reer and pub­lic pro­file. From next month you’ll un­der­stand how and why.

AQUAR­IUS (Jan­uary 20–Fe­bru­ary 18)

If you’ve re­cently de­cided that you pre­fer to do things your own sweet way, then this month’s eclipse, the first of a se­ries in your sign, could make you change your mind. It oc­curs just af­ter a new moon in your re­la­tion­ship zone, so be pre­pared to let others have the up­per hand or fi­nal word, and love it! Rev­e­la­tions usher in a new era of open­ness and re­struc­tur­ing to your world, and from next month the cos­mos gives you the low­down on how two can live more har­mo­niously than one.

PISCES (Fe­bru­ary 19–March 20)

You could feel like you’re in a dream world now, with ev­ery­thing that’s go­ing on wash­ing over you and car­ry­ing you along with it. But this month’s eclipse helps you wake up and man up, be­cause your ca­reer needs you to be present in ev­ery way. If others have been over­whelm­ing you they’ll be re­think­ing their ac­tions, so you can stake a claim for more solid emo­tional ter­ri­tory at home or more el­bow space at work. There’s grow­ing po­ten­tial for love to be full-on and fab­u­lous now, too.

ARIES (March 21–April 19)

What starts as a feast for the senses this month soon turns into a more low-key af­fair as your body be­comes a tem­ple once more and you re­vert to gain­ing plea­sure from the sim­ple life. Health, work and all things rou­tine and du­ti­ful get sexy. This is not about fly­ing your freak flag, it’s about set­ting bound­aries and lov­ing it. De­flect full-on friends and em­brace this more level-headed ap­proach, be­cause from next month on it will help you win new friends and in­flu­ence the right peo­ple.

TAU­RUS (April 20–May 20)

A re­cent push to sta­bilise re­la­tion­ships, home life and fi­nances starts to pay off now, though this month’s ca­reer-in­flu­enc­ing eclipse could be the cat­a­lyst for fur­ther change.you can still in­dulge in plea­sures that don’t break the bank or your heart, but think about the di­rec­tion your life has taken so far this year and what hap­pens next.you could find that your fu­ture health and hap­pi­ness in­volves the power of two, the will­ing­ness to share and a whole lot more col­lab­o­ra­tion.

GEM­INI (May 21–June 20)

It’s a per­fect month to sim­plify your life. Mak­ing your home more eco-friendly, con­tain­ing only what’s gen­uinely use­ful or un­de­ni­ably beau­ti­ful, gets the cos­mic thumbs-up. Eat­ing clean is also part of this month’s plan­e­tary plan, but ap­ply­ing the the­ory of healthy sim­plic­ity to part­ner­ships may prove trick­ier.it’s all about con­tain­ment rather than ex­pan­sion — for now. Give your­self and your liv­ing space the once over and by next month your love life will be ready for a whole­some re­boot as well.

CAN­CER (June 21–July 22)

You know that money can’t buy you love, but it looks like you may need to prove that point to your­self this month.with a new moon and­venus in your fi­nan­cial zone, the de­sire to overindulge or over­spend on things that give you com­fort but are ul­ti­mately self-de­struc­tive may be too hard to say no to at first. A mid-month eclipse helps to shut this cy­cle down.you’re head­ing to­wards a whole new phase next month when self-nur­tur­ing, home life and hap­pi­ness be­come your top pri­or­i­ties.

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