The su­per­model en va­cance.

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ON CUBA: “I came to Cuba for the first time in 1995 and I find the peo­ple so lovely. It’s so beau­ti­ful and colour­ful. It has stopped in time and, yes, there is a lot of poverty, but in some ways the peo­ple here are so happy.they are not look­ing at their phones con­stantly, they are look­ing at each other and hav­ing con­ver­sa­tions and hug­ging each other.there’s a lot of hu­man con­nec­tion and in­ter­ac­tion, and peo­ple are in the streets sit­ting in their chairs.” ON RE­TIR­ING FROM THE RUN­WAY: “I don’t walk any­more and I re­ally en­joy watch­ing now. For 20 years I did the show, so it is now fun to be on the other side. It was fun to see Stella [Ten­nant] and Mari­acarla [Boscono], girls from my time, and just cheer them on.there is much less pres­sure sit­ting in the front row!” ON HER RED-HOT CRUISE SHOW LOOK: “When Chanel sent me things to wear, I chose the red dress be­cause it seemed very Cuban. when in Cuba, you don’t think black, you think yel­low, red and green — some­thing happy. Then I thought, you know, Cuban revo­lu­tion and the Cubans’ way of think­ing, so I wanted to wear some­thing out of re­spect for that, and thought ‘Che Gue­vara used to wear a beret, so I’ll wear one too!’ Then the mod­els came out and they were wear­ing them as well. Karl was ahead of me!” ON KARL LAGER­FELD: “Karl is very sweet. He is a man of few words — he’s serene and keeps to him­self but is al­ways kind. He’s not a loud per­son, he is a gen­tle soul. He is al­ways nice to be around.” ON WORK­ING WITH CHANEL: “I’ve been in the busi­ness for 21 years, and it’s re­ally nice to be work­ing for a com­pany that is lov­ing and re­spect­ful to ev­ery­one and that treats ev­ery­one with equal­ity, which is rare. A lot of cor­po­ra­tions be­come so big it be­comes all about the bot­tom line, but Chanel still has that sense of fam­ily.” THAT BODY …: “I work out ev­ery day! I don’t think any­thing comes eas­ily — it’s all about hard work. I have a kung fu teacher and he’s so funny. He’s 70 and he says to me, ‘When you look at your body, it looks back at you. when you turn your­self away from your body, it turns away too.’ the more you put in, the more you are go­ing to get out.” ON AGE­ING: “As I’m get­ting older, I feel this need to think about ev­ery­thing I do. What I eat, what I think, what I read. Not just phys­i­cal, but men­tal as well. What am I at­tract­ing? What am I bring­ing into my life? What kind of thoughts am I al­low­ing to come into my head? What kind of peo­ple are in my life? It’s about a com­bi­na­tion of things. It’s about feel­ing good, and ex­er­cise is a huge part of it. For me it’s not about how I look, it’s about how I feel, and I feel so much more en­er­gised when I ex­er­cise.” ON SO­CIAL-ME­DIA STARS GIGI HA­DID AND KEN­DALL JEN­NER: “We are in a dif­fer­ent time — 2016 is a new era [in terms of so­cial-me­dia fame]. Of course, they are mod­els.what is the def­i­ni­tion of a model? Some­one who can wear clothes well and sell the clothes, right? I feel like any­one who can do that is a model. So I think it is a dif­fer­ent era and many peo­ple are not yet used to this change. I’ve been around [the fash­ion in­dus­try] for 21 years, so I have seen lots of changes. Fash­ion and life are cycli­cal, and the only cer­tain thing is long as we can go with the flow and with change, life will be good.”

Gisele Bünd­chen in Ha­vana be­fore the Chanel cruise 2017 show. Right and be­low: looks on the run­way. Far right: lo­cals line the streets.

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