24 HOURS … with Lot­tie Moss.

The model and younger sis­ter of fash­ion icon Kate talks sleep­ing in, her nut ad­dic­tion and why she can’t have enough Bul­gari bags

Harper’s Bazaar (Australia) - - Contents - with LOT­TIE MOSS

9:00AM What time do I wake up? I wish I could say some­thing pro­duc­tive, but it hon­estly de­pends. Some­times I wake up at nine and get on with my day. Some­times I’ll stay in un­til two in the af­ter­noon and have a bed day. I tend to lie around for a bit.when I’m not work­ing, it’s nice to have some down­time and not have to stress about get­ting up. I live in London with two flat­mates, and one is one of my best friends. It’s like a con­stant sleep­over. In the morn­ing, she’ll come into my room or I’ll run down to hers.we met through mu­tual friends about eight months ago and are the same per­son.we moved in a few months ago, so I’m still try­ing to get it all sorted. I need to take a trip to find some nice stuff for my room; at the mo­ment, there is so much stuff ev­ery­where. 9:30AM The first thing I’ll do is brush my teeth, wash my face and have a shower. I have a great Tra­cie Mar­tyn cleanser for my face, and use a Dior primer and Char­lotte Til­bury’s Magic Cream to prep my makeup. If I’m head­ing to a pho­to­shoot, I’ll go barefaced. Oth­er­wise, if I’m just go­ing out for a typ­i­cal day, I use anyves Saint Lau­rent foun­da­tion that’s very good and doesn’t cake your face.and I like Char­lot­tetil­bury’s mas­cara — it doesn’t make your eye­lashes clumpy or any­thing. It’s the per­fect wand. I have lots of prod­ucts and have gone through so many to find the right ones for me. I’m bad about throw­ing things out. I’ll have six of some­thing and not use five, but will keep them just in case. I have seven tubes of mas­cara right now, for ex­am­ple. 10:30AM For breakfast, I’ll usu­ally have hard-boiled eggs, some grainy bread and salmon. I eat so much salmon. If I’m work­ing out with my trainer, which I do three times a week, I will eat a bit ear­lier, to make sure the food goes down be­fore I work out.we do a lot of burpees, even though I hate them.then we’ll do some box­ing and skip­ping rope, which I like be­cause it doesn’t feel like you’re work­ing out.they’re ac­tu­ally fun to do. Now I only work out with my trainer, be­cause he is amaz­ing — he knows that if you force it, it’s not go­ing to work. He lets me come to him. 11:00AM I like to lis­ten to mu­sic when I’m in the car on the way to a shoot. I like Drake. I could lit­er­ally lis­ten to ev­ery kind of mu­sic, ex­cept I’m not too into the whole grime scene that we have in Eng­land. I go to a lot of fes­ti­vals in the sum­mer. Last year, Glas­ton­bury was my favourite. It was very muddy, and my Wel­lies got stuck in the mud, so I fell. Adele was prob­a­bly my high­light. I was cry­ing lis­ten­ing to her. And Cat­fish and the Bot­tle­men. No­body ever knows who they are, but I’m ob­sessed with them. 11:30AM What I like most about mod­el­ling and be­ing on set is get­ting to be around such in­ter­est­ing peo­ple.the peo­ple I have worked with have been so much fun, from the mod­els to the pho­tog­ra­phers to the stylists and hair and makeup. Ev­ery­one is al­ways fun, and it cre­ates such a great at­mos­phere.there are so many cre­ative peo­ple and so many cre­ative minds, it makes it re­ally fun. It is nice to push bound­aries. 1:00PM We’ll break for lunch and I’ll have rice or stir-fry. I also like soups or chicken. And I carry nuts with me; I’m ob­sessed with nuts. Pis­ta­chios, peanuts — I love them. I keep them in my bag with a phone charger and lip gloss. Right now I’m us­ing this green Bul­gari bag that has

studs on it. I think I have 12 of their bags.this one is cute and can hold a lot, al­though it doesn’t look like it. I use it to go out at night, too.you don’t want to carry around a mas­sive bag at night, and it’s the per­fect size. 3:00PM Leav­ing the set early al­most never hap­pens, so it’s a mir­a­cle to have a free af­ter­noon. In the fu­ture, I want to do some­thing cre­ative with fash­ion; I like to browse through images on Pin­ter­est.the peo­ple I look to for cre­ative in­spi­ra­tion are de­sign­ers like Jeremy Scott and, ob­vi­ously, Karl Lager­feld. I ad­mire Fendi and Chanel and ev­ery­thing he does. 5:00PM De­pend­ing on how much I do dur­ing the day, I can be a home­body. Some­times I like to chill and watch TV. I read a lot of crime thrillers. The Girl on the Train, by Paula Hawkins, was amaz­ing. It was a life-chang­ing book. I have just started read­ing some­thing sim­i­lar called Be­hind Closed Doors [by B.A. Paris]. I’m not that far into it, but it’s very good so far. 8:00PM If I’m head­ing out for drinks and din­ner with friends, I will amp up my out­fit a bit. Dur­ing the day I tend to wear black jeans with a jumper and maybe some Tim­ber­lands, but at night I like to dress up. I’ll wear knee-high boots with jeans or a jumper. Restau­rant-wise, I love ei­ther sushi or Ital­ian. I can lit­er­ally go for any­thing: seafood risotto, lin­guine … I even like the oc­ca­sional pizza, but keep that on the down-low.the one food I’m not a fan of is Chi­nese. It’s the only thing I don’t like, and of course that’s what ev­ery­one wants to get if we’re or­der­ing take­out. If the restau­rant is cool, we’ll stay for drinks af­ter, or if not we’ll head some­where else. I love a cos­mopoli­tan, but tequila on the rocks is my main drink. 11:00PM When I get home, I’ll pre­pare for bed by tak­ing off my makeup and putting on night cream. I like to mix up a few and use what­ever I feel like that par­tic­u­lar evening.then I’ll read or watch TV. Over here we have this show called Planet Earth. I don’t know if you guys have it over there, but it’s nar­rated by David At­ten­bor­ough. It’s ba­si­cally a range of an­i­mals, and it fol­lows dif­fer­ent things that they do, like re­pro­duc­tion, birth, the fights they have, and preda­tor and prey. Some nights I won’t watch, though, be­cause I fall straight asleep, and I am like a brick. Once I’m asleep, I am gone.there could be fire alarms go­ing off and I still wouldn’t wake up. – As told to Lau­ren Mccarthy

“Once I’m asleep, I am gone. There could be fire alarms go­ing off and I still wouldn’t wake up.”

From far left: at last year’s Glas­ton­bury Fes­ti­val; and in London. Lot­tie Moss at a Chanel event in London.

The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins (River­head Books); YSL Touche Éclat Le Teint Ra­di­ance Awak­en­ing Foun­da­tion, $85. At an event in Mi­lan

From far left: on the Chanel pre-fall 2017 run­way; with a Bul­gari bag; in the Bul­gari S/S 2017 ac­ces­sories cam­paign.

bag,$4610,bul­gari.com. Bul­gari

The Ride, 2016, by Cat­fish and the Bot­tle­men; Char­lotte Til­bury Leg­endary Lashes Vo­lu­mis­ing Mas­cara, $52.

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