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WHEN An­drea Deane was un­ex­pect­edly di­ag­nosed with high­grade breast cancer last year she made a four-point plan.

It in­cluded: keep­ing the di­ag­no­sis pri­vate by telling only fam­ily and two friends; find­ing the best sur­geon avail­able; main­tain­ing good nu­tri­tion and stock­ing up on G. H. Mumm & Cie cham­pagne.

“I have been com­pletely sup­ported dur­ing all of this,” Mrs Deane said.

“It’s so trau­matic. You have to make sure you still are do­ing some­thing nice for your­self – that was what the G. H. Mumm was for.”

Mrs Deane, 53, had been feel­ing lethar­gic and fa­tigued for “about two years” prior to the di­ag­no­sis and at­trib­uted it to her busy lifestyle, af­ter mul­ti­ple blood tests gave her a clean bill of health.

It was not un­til a rou­tine twoyear mam­mo­gram ap­point­ment at Bun­bury’s Breast­Screen WA clinic at St John of God Hos­pi­tal in Novem­ber found a DCIS – duc­tal car­ci­noma in situ – cal­ci­fi­ca­tion in Mrs Deane’s left breast.

The Brunswick res­i­dent chose St John of God Pro­fes­sor Chris­to­bel Saun­ders to re­move the 6mm cal­ci­fi­ca­tion in what was ex­pected to be a quick surgery.

How­ever, while Prof. Saun­ders was con­duct­ing the Hook­wire pro- ce­dure, prior to the lumpec­tomy, three more cal­ci­fi­ca­tions were found – mea­sur­ing at 62mm, 43mm and 29mm.

“Thank God the first cal­ci­fi­ca­tion was picked up, oth­er­wise I’d be in a bad way right now,” Mrs Deane said.

Mrs Deane, nee Cata­lano, had a full left breast mas­tec­tomy and five months of ra­di­a­tion which ended mid-March.

Now on the re­cov­ery path, Mrs Deane is spear­head­ing a fundrais- ing drive to up­grade Bun­bury’s Breast­Screen WA mam­mo­gram ma­chine, which only has 2D ca­pac­ity, to 3D imag­ing tech­nol­ogy.

Mrs Deane said up­grad­ing the ma­chine with 3D com­po­nents, which is quoted at $100,000, was es­sen­tial to en­sure all cal­ci­fi­ca­tions were found in mam­mo­grams.

“I can’t sit back and not do any­thing – I can’t be com­pla­cent,” Mrs Deane said. “If I don’t do any­thing I could not live with my­self.”

Pic­ture: Jon Gell­weiler

Long-time Brunswick res­i­dent An­drea Deane is fundrais­ing to up­grade mam­mo­gram equip­ment in Bun­bury.

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