Does be­ing too busy mean go­ing nowhere?

“Life is what hap­pens while we are busy mak­ing other plans.” JOHN LEN­NON

Haven Magazine - - LIFE - Words: Deb­bie Hogg

There seems to be a zil­lion things keep­ing us busy and so much so we don’t know where to be­gin or which one to tackle first. We end up in a state of pro­cras­ti­na­tion, spi­ralling down to­wards a de­bil­i­tat­ing stuck­ness. More and more of us are see­ing this as our new norm and it’s mak­ing us not only un­pro­duc­tive, but sick. We be­come ex­hausted, ag­i­tated, grumpy, an­gry, frus­trated and we get tired. We ab­so­lutely de­serve more. Our friends, fam­ily and ev­ery­one around us de­serve more. We won­der how we can break the cy­cle be­cause it feels en­trenched, dif­fi­cult to shake, chal­leng­ing to make new strate­gies or even think about them. We feel our­selves giv­ing up as it’s too hard, be­cause the busy cy­cle con­tin­ues and we have to be on it to cope, sur­vive, sup­port our fam­ily, busi­ness, friends and prob­a­bly many more other rea­sons. Be­ing too busy is not cool. It’s also cer­tainly not a sign of suc­cess or achieve­ment - it is a dis­play of in­ef­fi­ciency. If we di­rect our ef­forts es­pe­cially to­wards the wrong pur­suits or pri­or­i­ties, we are wast­ing time and hard work. What would hap­pen if we turned our think­ing around a lit­tle to give us some new out­comes? What if these new out­comes could en­able us to be a lit­tle more con­tent, in con­trol and even a lit­tle hap­pier?

In to­day’s world, busy is all we know. We busy our­selves with this and that, with chil­dren, school, work, home life and more Of­ten we are so busy be­ing busy we don’t no­tice the lit­tle things.

Let’s chunk it down and fin­ish off with some tips… 1. Ap­pre­ci­ate the power of rest. Rest time is mas­sively valu­able. Health is a pri­or­ity area of our life be­cause with­out it we don’t have any­thing. Sched­ule rest and fun times, for both our­self (alone) and with loved ones (fam­ily, friends, col­leagues out­side of the work place). 2. Re­mem­ber busy is our choice. It is a con­scious de­ci­sion we make with our time on this earth to be think­ing and be­ing what we choose to be. We are not forced into a life­style, our val­ues are what drives our life­style and choices, there­fore our out­comes. We would en­joy things more if our sched­ules were de­ter­mined by us, in­stead of oth­ers. Take time to eat right, med­i­tate, take reg­u­lar breaks, breathe deeply and be with our­self. 3. Have fewer things. Things we own, es­pe­cially clut­ter around us, take up a lot of space, and in turn - we ex­pend more en­ergy and time fix­ing, clean­ing, stor­ing, or­gan­is­ing etc. The more we have, the more stress­ful and busy we are. Keep it sim­ple. Keep what’s im­por­tant. 4. Learn to say “no”. This is a biggy. Learn­ing to say “no” to less im­por­tant things and pri­ori­tis­ing what we re­ally value the most makes life much sim­pler and it gives us clar­ity and fo­cus. When we say no (and this can be done po­litely and from a place of love), we open up space for us to fo­cus on the things we deem to be most im­por­tant in our life. We all know life can be taken away from us in a flash, mak­ing the right de­ci­sions for our life is im­por­tant.

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