Haven Magazine : 2020-03-01

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Front page

GROWING UP The pitfalls of puppy love “It’s all about learning experience­s and building their confidence so they can know and have respectful relationsh­ips.” Mandy’s top tips Be ready to talk: Use teachable moments: THERE’S NOTHING LIKE YOUR FIRST LOVE. BUT WITH HORMONES, HEARTBREAK AND HOMEWORK ALL COMPETING FOR OUR TEEN’S ATTENTION, ‘LOVE’ IS USUALLY MORE STRESSFUL THAN BLISSFUL. MANDY STEPHENS, FOUNDER OF PUBERTY AND RELATIONSH­IPS SERVICE "LET’S CHAT EDUCATION", GIVES US THE LOWDOWN ON YOUNG RELATIONSH­IPS. Consider the question behind the question: Be present and involved, and stay positive: 10 HAVENMAGAZ­INE.COM.AU

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