Haven Magazine : 2020-03-01

Front page : 12 : 16

Front page

GROWING UP It’s a skin thing TWEENS AND TEENS GO THROUGH PLENTY AT THIS AGE. SCHOOL GETS THAT BIT HARDER. IMPORTANT FRIENDSHIP­S FIRM UP. FASHION BECOMES MORE OF A THING. THEY’RE DISCOVERIN­G SOCIAL MEDIA IN EARNEST AND, THE OTHER SEX. EEK. HAIR GROWS IN CRAZY PLACES AND IN ALL THIS CHAOS, WE WELCOME PIMPLES. Pimples are the scourge of the tween/teenager, we dont’ need to tell you that. But what we can tell you is that your mini doesnt’ need to suffer... 150ml, $32, www.petiteskin­co.com 50ml, $34, www.petiteskin­co.com 12 HAVENMAGAZ­INE.COM.AU

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