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Growing up! Team haven PUBLISHER/OWNER: As corny as it sounds, watching the kids grow up is parenthood’s payday. Seeing them find something that makes their heart sing – whether it’s academic, sport or creative – it’s a great journey and we get a front row seat. I do wish someone told me the tween/teen years are a lot more work for us parents (kind of like how no one tells you how much it hurts when your breast milk comes in!). What changes you ask? More driving, more worry, more homework, more food, more socialisin­g, more shopping, more nagging (because they still need a reminder to brush their teeth!) and more trust. They may not need their food mashed up anymore, but they do need the support, cheerleadi­ng, boundaries, routine and the ‘haven’ of their parents. EDITOR: kids help deliver magazines or work at events, has certainly grown up with my family. Read more on Pages 4-5. EDITORIAL ASSISTANT: haven This New Year has been a rollercoas­ter (and a fast one at that!). We can’t believe we’re getting ready to juggle more school holidays again, with autumn and Easter at our doorstep. How is Term 1 almost done and dusted already?! To ease your panic, we’ve stacked 100 school holiday activities (plus lots more) into this edition. You’re so welcome. ART DIRECTOR: DIGITAL/ADMIN: ADVERTISIN­G SALES: INTERN: Finally, we’re so proud to sponsor the Gold Coast Film Festival again this year. Supporting our local creative industry is so important, and this festival is the ultimate showcase of more than 100 films and events at 13 locations across the coast. Read all about it on Page 15. You know what I find funny? There is support for new parents via playgroups for bubs and toddlers, but there's not really a similar support for parents of tweens/teens. I vote we start a walking group (no, a margarita club!) to talk through the challenges. HAVEN MAGAZINE PUBLISHED BY: HAVEN CREATIVE PO BOX 5366 Q SUPER CENTRE QLD 4218 So whether you have a baby on your hip, a preschoole­r counting down to big school or a teen picking their gap year vacay plans, we’ve been in this with you for nine years with many more to come! Speaking of talking, we are discussing all things growing up in this issue. Expect our usual tips from the experts, plus plenty of advice from the savvy parents who put this magazine together. If you'd like haven magazines at your business, event or social group get in touch with us on the email: editor@havenmagaz­ine.com.au Keeley And it’s not just the kids growing up - our boutique publishing business just turned nine! Happy birthday to us! From having a baby in tow at client meetings to having my editor@havenmagaz­ine.com.au what's inside… CONNECT WITH US… 27. 30. HAVEN HUB PUBLISHED MARCH 2020 12. 14. cover… No part of this work may be reproduced or copied in any form or by any means without the written consent of the publisher. Content in haven magazine is for general informatio­n only and is not intended to be a substitute for profession­al advice. The publisher, contributo­rs and related parties are not engaged in providing legal, financial or profession­al advice or services. Views expressed by the contributo­rs are those of the author and do not necessaril­y reflect the views of haven magazine or the publisher. The publisher, contributo­rs, editors and related parties are not responsibl­e in any way for the actions or results taken by any person, organisati­on or any party on basis of reading informatio­n, stories or contributi­ons in this publicatio­n, website or related product. FASHION: Goldie + Ace www.goldieanda­ce.com goldieanda­ce join us… FOR A WEEKLY DOSE OF HAVEN STRAIGHT TO YOUR INBOX MODEL: PHOTOGRAPH­Y: Chloe Anitra Wells www.anitrawell­s.com www.havenmagaz­ine.com.au/ sign-me-up havenhub 2 HAVENMAGAZ­INE.COM.AU

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