Use this handy guide to work out how much to put on your plate

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Mea = the size of your palm

A serv­ing of meat is roughly 100g when raw, or 65g cooked. It’s much smaller than you think! Choose lean cuts and trim away any vis­i­ble white fat. A serv­ing of fish can be the size of your whole hand.

Po­tat = a small fist

Starchy ve­g­ies like potato, sweet potato and pump­kin should take up one-quar­ter of your plate. This also ap­plies to rice and pasta. Choose brown rice and whole­grain va­ri­eties wher­ever pos­si­ble.

Veg­etable = a large hand­ful

One serve counts as half a cup (one hand­ful) of cooked ve­g­ies such as broc­coli and car­rot, or one cup (two hand­fuls) of salad leaves. Aim for five serves a day, and eat a va­ri­ety of dif­fer­ent coloured veg­eta­bles.

Chees = 2 thumbs

Eat three serves of dairy foods each day for strong bones. This in­cludes milk (250ml glass), yo­ghurt (200g tub) and cheese (40g). Cheese is easy to overeat, so use your hands to mea­sure two thumb-sized cubes.

Nut = a small hand­ful

A serv­ing of nuts is 30g, or about two ta­ble­spoons. Nuts are high in kilo­joules, but they are packed with hunger-bust­ing fi­bre, to keep you full, as well as heart-healthy fats. Choose un­salted nuts where pos­si­ble.

Cho­co­lat = 1 fin­ger

Treats are part of a healthy, bal­anced diet. Keep your choco­late por­tion in check by stick­ing to four small squares (25g), which is about the size of your fin­ger. Then put the rest of the block away!

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