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One of the keys to prim­ing your kids to eat health­ier foods, pre­vent overeat­ing and re­duce food waste is the way food is served.

Re­searchers from Cor­nell Univer­sity found chil­dren pre­fer to see six dif­fer­ent colours and seven types of food on their plate, while adults are happy with just three.

In an­other study, they found serv­ing kids meals in adult-sized bowls en­cour­aged them to overeat by 52 per cent and waste 14 per cent more. Luck­ily, you don’t have to be an In­sta­gram whiz to make food look at­trac­tive!

Three tips to plate up like a pro:

Plate a rain­bow — Ex­per­i­ment freely with coloured ve­g­ies in dif­fer­ent shapes, sizes and tex­tures. Be as dar­ing as you like. Size it right — Dish up child-sized por­tions in small bowls and plates. At least one-third of kids’ plates should be full of colour­ful ve­g­ies. Keep it sim­ple — Trans­form your mid­week meal into a mas­ter­piece with an easy gar­nish of fresh herbs to fas­ci­nate young eyes. Mak­ing healthy food look happy will help the plates come back empty. That’s the goal!

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