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Have you ever bit­ten into the furry skin of an un­peeled ki­wifruit? Chances are you’ll ei­ther love or hate the hairy, rough tex­ture! But be­fore you bin the skin, con­sider this: peel­ing fruit and veg is fid­dly, it adds min­utes to your prep time and can strip away nu­tri­ents. Here are three com­pelling rea­sons to pause be­fore you reach for the vegie peeler: 1 More fi­bre The skin is a good source of roughage for a healthy di­ges­tive sys­tem. Leave it on when you stew ap­ple, roast pump­kin and steam veg­eta­bles. 2 More nu­tri­ents Dark and colour­ful skins are an­tiox­i­dant-rich — just think of cu­cum­ber or egg­plant! Peel­ing strips away pro­tec­tive nu­tri­ents and ex­poses the flesh un­der­neath to ox­i­da­tion. 3 More flavour Aro­matic com­pounds are found in the skin, so when you leave the peel on you’ll en­joy a lot more of the flavour. Eat­ing a rain­bow of colour­ful fruit and veg — skin and all — is a great way to pro­tect your own skin from the in­side out. Find out more on p34.

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