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Why the health halo? Peo­ple are so keen for quinoa (pro­nounced “keen-wa”). It’s gluten free and has a low gly­caemic (GI) in­dex, which gives you sus­tained en­ergy.

Is the hype jus­ti­fied? Yes. Quinoa is nu­tri­tious and fill­ing, plus a great source of fi­bre if you’re fol­low­ing a gluten-free diet. But we’re not con­vinced it’s nu­tri­tion­ally su­pe­rior to other, more af­ford­able whole grains.

WIN­NER: BROWN RICE Brown rice is a good source of fi­bre, which means it also gives you sus­tained en­ergy. It’s gluten free too. Im­por­tantly, you can buy a low-GI va­ri­ety at the su­per­mar­ket for a third of the price of quinoa!

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