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Why the health halo? This dried al­gae ex­tract is touted as hav­ing more nu­tri­ents than any other plant, grain or herb. It’s tar­geted at ve­g­ans as a plant source of vi­ta­min B12 that only an­i­mal foods oth­er­wise have.

Is the hype jus­ti­fied? On pa­per, it looks like a good source of vi­ta­min B12 — but it’s not in a form your body can use once di­gested, so spir­ulina won’t give you the same benefi ts.

WIN­NER: BEEF MINCE Just 100g of mince has all your daily needs for B12 in a form your body can use. If you don’t eat meat, look for foods for­ti­fied with B12, in­clud­ing break­fast ce­real and some soy milks.

Everyda her Beef mince

Su­per­foo Spir­ulina

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