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Car­bo­hy­drates are the fuel to feed your brain and mus­cles — but not all carbs are equal.

Choose carbs that are high in fibre with a low-Gly­caemic In­dex (GI), such as whole­grain breads and ce­re­als, brown rice, quinoa, oats, sweet po­tato, lentils and beans. In gen­eral, a small po­tato or small cob of corn is the per­fect car­bo­hy­drate por­tion, as is ½–1 cup of cooked rice, grains or pasta.

You don’t have to elim­i­nate carbs com­pletely to be healthy, but if you’re not very ac­tive through­out the day, it’s wise to re­duce your car­bo­hy­drate por­tion slightly.

½ cup of cooked pasta

½ cup of cooked rice

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