Healthy Mama - - Bonus! - By Tess Masters from The Blender Girl | Serves 2

1 cup (240ml) co­conut wa­ter or wa­ter

2 ½ cups (400g) diced pineap­ple, fresh or frozen

1 cup (43g) firmly packed baby spinach

1 ½ tea­spoons finely chopped

red onion, plus more to taste

2 ta­ble­spoons chopped cu­cum­ber

¼ cup (7g) finely chopped cilantro

1 tea­spoon finely chopped jalapeño chile, plus more to taste (op­tional)

2 ta­ble­spoons freshly squeezed lime juice, plus more to taste

Pinch of finely grated lime zest

Pinch of nat­u­ral salt, plus more to taste (op­tional, to bring out fla­vors

1 cup (125g) ice cubes (none if us­ing frozen pineap­ple)

Nat­u­ral sweet­ener (op­tional) Put all of the in­gre­di­ents into your blender in the or­der listed and puree for about 1 minute, un­til smooth and creamy. Tweak fla­vors to taste (you may want more onion, jalapeño, lime juice, salt, or sweet­ener, de­pend­ing on the ripeness of your pineap­ple; I find I never need it, but dif­fer­ent strokes . . . ).

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