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Did you know Thai food is my ab­so­lute FA­VORITE type of food?!

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I’m so happy to have fi­nally met some­one who loves it just as much as I do, pos­si­bly more. So to­day I will be shar­ing some of the best Crispy Spring Rolls I’ve ever made.


8-16 rice pa­per rolls, for dou­ble wrap­ping

4 oz, brown rice pad Thai noo­dles, or ver­mi­celli noo­dles

4 oz. ex­tra firm tofu, evenly sliced (I use TJ's sprouted)

1 zuc­chini, thinly sliced

1 cup broc­coli slaw

1 small av­o­cado, thinly sliced

sesame seeds, to gar­nish

co­conut oil, to coat

peanut sauce, to dip (recipe on next page)


⅛ cup teriyaki co­conut aminos

1 tea­spoon chili paste

or peanut sauce on next page

When mak­ing spring rolls/ rice pa­per rolls, you can re­ally get as c reative as you would like with them.

Don’t be afraid to try new com­bi­na­tions and ad­just this recipe to what you pre­fer. It wasn’t un­til re­cently that I started bak­ing th­ese for that ex­tra crisp, I have to say that I’m truly in love with the tex­ture th­ese have. Which is funny be­cause a lot of peo­ple leave me com­ments on In­sta­gram say­ing they’re not fans of rice pa­per be­cause of the tex­ture. I can un­der­stand if it’s not your pref­er­ence, but now you can rem­edy that by bak­ing them! Make sure you use a non-stick sur­face though (not just a bak­ing sheet), like a Sil­pat bak­ing liner or un­bleached parch­ment pa­per. This will en­sure they do not stick and in-turn de­creases the risk of them break­ing.

So whether you like raw rolls with crisp veg­gies or crisp rolls with soft veg­gies, this recipe will be per­fect for you! Bak­ing is to­tally op­tional, feel free to add or omit any veg­eta­bles based on what’s avail­able to you.

By Mar­garet from The Plant Strong Ve­gan | Serves: 4-8

Start by pre­par­ing your veg­eta­bles. Thinly slice your zuc­chini hor­i­zon­tally, keep­ing ev­ery­thing close to the same length. This will mak­ing rolling much eas­ier.

Mix to­gether your sauce and spoon a small amount over each piece of tofu. Save the re­main­ing sauce for your noo­dles.

Boil your noo­dles over medium high heat for 4-5 min­utes, fol­low­ing the pack­age di­rec­tions. Once al­most cooked, drain and rinse with cold wa­ter to stop the cook­ing process. Add your re­main­ing sauce and toss till evenly coated.

Lay ev­ery­thing out to cre­ate a quick and ef­fi­cient work­flow. When us­ing rice pa­per you need to work at a con­sis­tent pace so the pa­per doesn't get too soft, which can lead to tear­ing.

Work on one roll at a time, run­ning a sin­gle rice pa­per un­der warm wa­ter for just a se­cond to coat both sides. Lay it flat on a non-stick sur­face and be­gin to fill.

Start with two slices of zuc­chini slightly spaced out, add about ⅛ cup of noo­dles, a small hand­ful of broc­coli slaw and top with 1-2 slices of tofu. Add a cou­ple slices on av­o­cado if de­sired, they bake up nicely and give th­ese a won­der­ful fla­vor.

Be­gin rolling by lift­ing the edge clos­est to you and fold­ing it on top of the fill­ing. Next, take each side and fold those in­ward to seal the left and right edge. Hold the top of the rice pa­per and tuck the fill­ing un­der as you roll it for­ward. Con­tinue rolling un­til you have reached the end. You can also roll for­ward slightly be­fore fold­ing over each edge, I just pre­fer the other method more.

Set your roll to the side and wet an­other rice pa­per. When bak­ing, the rice pa­per has a ten­dency to rip, so dou­ble wrap­ping is en­cour­aged to avoid them break­ing apart. Com­pletely op­tional though, just be cau­tious.

Con­tinue rolling un­til you have used up all your fill­ings. You can make them as small or full as you would like.

Once com­plete, place your rolls onto a parch­ment-lined bak­ing sheet and lightly rub oil on the out­side of each. Flip and re­peat for both sides. This will help them crisp up when baked, use a light hand though. You don't need a lot of oil for this step.

Bake your spring rolls for 20 min­utes at 400 de­grees F. Flip­ping half­way through.

Once cooked to de­sired crispi­ness, re­move from the oven and let cool for 5 min­utes be­fore eat­ing.

En­joy with a side of low-fat peanut sauce or some teriyaki co­conut aminos to dip in!

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