Healthy Mama - - Bites - By Mar­garet from Plant Strong Ve­gan

2-4 cups of broc­coli flo­rets

1 cup gar­banzo bean flour (or flour of choice)

¹⁄³ cup white rice flour (or flour of choice) ¹⁄³ cup tapi­oca flour (or flour of choice) Wa­ter, as needed (about 1½ cups)

4 oz. sweet chili sauce

¼ cup sriracha (or chili sauce of choice, ad­just­ing quan­ti­ties to suit taste)

Salt & pep­per, to taste

1 Prep your broc­coli if you're us­ing a full crown, wash and cut into bite-sized flo­rets. The smaller the pieces, the big­ger the crunch. Too small will re­sult in burn­ing, ad­just cook­ing time as needed.

2 Mea­sure and whisk to­gether all your in­gre­di­ents (mi­nus the sweet chili sauce & broc­coli), adding wa­ter slowly un­til you have reached a pan­cake bat­ter-like con­sis­tency. Thicker bat­ter equals heavy crust, thin­ner bat­ter equals light crust.

3 Pre­heat your oven to 450°F/230°C

4 Line a large bak­ing sheet with parch­ment pa­per or a non-stick bak­ing liner (that's safe for high heats).

5 One by one dip each floret into the bat­ter, us­ing a fork to re­move it and gen­tly tap off the ex­cess on the side of your bowl. Care­fully trans­fer it to the bak­ing sheet. Re­peat un­til all your bat­ter and/or flo­rets have been used up.

6 Bake for about 26-30 min­utes, flip­ping each wing half­way through that to­tal time. Be sure to ad­just the cook­ing time as needed if you're us­ing larger or smaller pieces.

7 Re­move your wings from the oven, trans­fer half into a large bowl.

8 Add in ¼ of your sauce and be­gin to fold gen­tly un­til each wing is coated. I like to toss them in the air, but fol­low the method that works best for you.

9 Af­ter all the wings have been coated, us­ing only half the to­tal amount of sauce. Pour them onto your bak­ing sheet, sep­a­rate as needed and bake again for 10 min­utes.

10 Af­ter this you can ei­ther leave them as is or go in for an­other coat­ing of sauce. I pre­fer sauc­ing and bak­ing twice. If you de­cided not to, use all the sauce the first time you're coat­ing them.

11 Re­peat the above di­rec­tions for a se­cond coat­ing, ad­just­ing the cook­ing time as needed. They should be slightly sticky, very crispy with a deep or­ange hue.

12 Serve warm with a side of ex­tra dip­ping sauce. Keep left­overs in the warm oven (turned off) if sav­ing for later that same day.

Notes: I ad­justed the wire rack to the middle top sec­tion of the oven.

What’s your fa­vorite wing sauce? I’ve al­ways been a big fan of lemon pep­per! Let me know if you would like to see any other vari­a­tions of this recipe. With the se­lec­tion of veg­eta­bles and sauces, the com­bi­na­tions are truly end­less!

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