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The Chevro­let Bolt ap­pears to be mak­ing quite an im­pact on the elec­tric car scene in the US. Any word from Holden about bring­ing the Bolt to Aus­tralia? Ge­off Pa­ton

Holden’s com­mu­ni­ca­tions di­rec­tor, Sean Pop­pitt, says not: “The Bolt pro­gram is not cur­rently avail­able in right­hand drive. If this world­beat­ing tech­nol­ogy were to be­come avail­able for Holden, you can bet we will take a very, very close look at it”.


Re: the let­ter from John Arnold and his Mazda CX-5, our Mazda3 SP25 GT has been re­turned three times — so far — to the dealer be­cause of voice/nav­i­ga­tion is­sues sim­i­lar to those re­ported by him. We’ve also ex­pe­ri­enced a num­ber of in­stances where the nav­i­ga­tion sim­ply re­fuses to load but after the car’s been turned off for a few hours the sys­tem be­haves per­fectly. John’s dealer has also given him the same line our dealer gave us about hav­ing to fol­low the Mazda process. Hav­ing said that, a Google search re­veals a swag of voice/navi is­sues go­ing back a num­ber of years so I’m guess­ing Mazda has a right royal prob­lem on their hands. It’s a pity as the car’s a beauty but is be­ing let down by, I as­sume, third party soft­ware.

Nick Newell, Mel­bourne

I’ll be push­ing harder with Mazda after the hol­i­day break.


My wife took our Hyundai Ac­cent back to the dealer for its two-year/30,000km ser­vice last week. She was “strongly ad­vised” the fuel in­jec­tors should be cleaned. She took the advice and paid $175 for in­jec­tor clean­ing. Is this nor­mal for a two-year old car, run­ning well and show­ing no sign of any prob­lems, or is it just an­other sales scam to in­crease the price of fixed price ser­vic­ing?

Jim But­ter­worth, Boro­nia

I strongly ad­vise not to pay for fuel-in­jec­tor clean­ing. This dealer de­serves The Kick, as un­nec­es­sary items like this — often with just a can of cleaner tipped into the fuel tank — have be­come a ma­jor profit cen­tre for some deal­er­ships.

2020 VI­SION

Do you know when Kia is bring­ing out an up­dated model of the Sorento?

Rob Stevens, email

The all-new Sorento only ar­rived in 2015, when it was voted our COTY cham­pion. There will be an­nual mod­e­lyear changes but the next full model change is not likely un­til 2020.


I love your re­views, how­ever I’m con­stantly as­ton­ished how highly you re­gard Volk­swa­gen. Our 2012 Golf and Pas­sat caused ab­so­lute grief and hor­ror. You seem to avoid the is­sues of own­ing those cars after three years when ev­ery­thing, and I mean ev­ery­thing, turns to %$*#.

Kris Hamil­ton, email

We can only judge what we drive and what we ex­pe­ri­ence. Sorry to hear yours has not been a good one.


I bought a brand-new Kia Cer­ato S Pre­mium in Septem­ber which had no owner’s man­ual. The deal­er­ship told me the car had no book and that they would be or­der­ing one. That would take about two weeks. I re­turned in four weeks and there was noth­ing. I went back again on De­cem­ber 9 and still noth­ing.

Stewart Cook, email

I have spo­ken to Kia HQ and an owner’s man­ual is on its way to your home.


I am dis­sat­is­fied with the ser­vice and di­ag­nos­tics of an air­con­di­tion­ing prob­lem with my wife’s Hyundai i30. It did not seem to be work­ing ef­fi­ciently and was ini­tially di­ag­nosed with a leak in the pipes. Then I was told the auto elec­tri­cian had found a leak in the con­denser, caused by a stone, and I was re­spon­si­ble since it had en­tered the car be­tween an in­spec­tion and re­pair. I also men­tioned to the ser­vice de­part­ment there is no pro­tec­tion of the cooler from any­thing en­ter­ing the car’s coolant ra­di­a­tor, the grille bars are straight and not an­gled to de­flect any­thing at all en­ter­ing — a very poor de­sign fault. The re­pair quote was $930.

Bill Martin, email

I went di­rectly to Hyundai HQ in Syd­ney and spokesman Guido Schenken says: “We will cover the full cost of the re­pairs and the cus­tomer will be con­tacted by one of our team here to­day and the car will be booked in and fixed ASAP. We ap­pre­ci­ate this cus­tomer’s loy­alty to Hyundai and are happy to help.”


I own a 2011 model Hyundai i30 cw wagon with 35,000km and there is fad­ing and dis­tor­tion of the ra­dio dis­play. The dis­play is al­most un­read­able. Hyundai told me the ra­dio was out of war­ranty and I would have to pay the full cost of re­place­ment, well over $500.

Mar­garet Ras, email

Guido Schenken replies again: “Hyundai will cover the cost of the parts with this case but the cus­tomer will have to cover labour at war­ranty price. A pretty fair so­lu­tion given the ra­dio is out of war­ranty.”


Is there a dif­fer­ence be­tween hi-flow diesel for trucks and diesel that you put in cars? My hus­band says “diesel is diesel” but see­ing there are warn­ings on the bowser, I do not like him putting the hi-flow diesel in our Mazda BT-50. Could you please clar­ify this?

Cyn­thia Flen­ley, email

There is no dif­fer­ence at all in the fuel that flows from the pumps, just the rate at which it flows.


Re: Peter Robin­son’s frus­tra­tion at be­ing un­able to fill the tank of his diesel Mazda CX-5 and gob­bledy­gook from the Mazda spokes­woman. The prob­lem is diesel froths when filled quickly and as the froth reaches the noz­zle it stops the flow. You can ei­ther stand there for some time pour­ing more diesel in as the froth sub­sides or you aim the flow to a side wall of the tank so it can smoothly “slide” to the body of fuel with­out dis­turb­ing the sur­face sig­nif­i­cantly. You will then get all or most of the 58 litres in.

Vic Par­sons, email

Great advice and it will be good to get feed­back from Peter Robin­son on this tech­nique at the pumps.

Chevro­let Bolt and Hyundai i30, left


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