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Sick of read­ing about Kylie be­ing “un­lucky in love” and turn­ing 50 in in­ter­views to pro­mote her new al­bum Golden? Here we let her fans ask the burn­ing ques­tions they’ve al­ways wanted to get her to an­swer

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Q: What is the favourite mu­sic video you have shot — and have you kept any of the out­fits? (I loved the pur­ple and gold dress from the I Be­lieve In You video!) @CHARLEY_POP A:

It’s dif­fi­cult to choose a favourite video as I love many of them for dif­fer­ent rea­sons. Two that come to mind are Slow and

Come Into My World. Slow was a two-day shoot that turned into a three-day shoot due to rain on lo­ca­tion in Barcelona. I loved the ‘anti-chore­og­ra­phy’ in that video. Come Into My World was filmed in Paris and took quite some con­cen­tra­tion as the en­tire video is one shot. I have do­nated most of my cos­tumes to the Per­form­ing Arts Mu­seum in my home­town, Mel­bourne. The gold (Spin­ning

Around) hot pants, show­girl cos­tumes, the Can’t Get You Out

Of My Head white, hooded jump­suit and Char­lene’s

(Neigh­bours) over­alls form part of a col­lec­tion of more than 1000 items there.

Q: Will we ever see a Kylie juke­box mu­si­cal? @JORDANLLOYD39


Yes, you will! It has al­ready been a few years in de­vel­op­ment. One thing I was told at the start of this ven­ture was that a mu­si­cal takes a long time. They weren’t wrong! Q: An au­to­bi­og­ra­phy is some­thing I’d love you to do. Do you think you would ever write one? @XLUCYFX A:

This has not felt right to me yet. I have en­joyed telling parts of my story through pho­tographs or videos. Q: I’ve read in in­ter­views for Golden that your orig­i­nal com­po­si­tions for this al­bum were lyri­cally more per­sonal, which you then re­fined to be less au­to­bi­o­graph­i­cal. Do you find it easy to be open with your lyrics, or do you pre­fer to sing less ob­vi­ously per­sonal? @SCRUBBERSTEVE A:

I wanted all the songs to be au­then­tic. So, they are ei­ther based on real sto­ries or are a story based on emo­tions I have felt and know. Q: With a new al­bum and a new tour, when Cow­girl Kylie meets Show­girl Kylie, will we see a few clas­sics get a coun­try reimag­in­ing for the tour? @ADAMPAULGILES A: Yes, we just did that on the Golden al­bum launch tour and it worked re­ally well. I’m su­per ex­cited about this and based on the re­ac­tion of fans so far, I think we’re go­ing to have a lot of fun. Q: If you were buy­ing your­self a birth­day gift this year, what would it be? @MARKARMARIO A: A long hol­i­day!

Q: What is Golden era Kylie’s mantra? @MERBOY82

A: Good ques­tion! Let me think, well, it’s a re­ally good time in my life and through­out the mak­ing of Golden, I wanted to be as au­then­tic as pos­si­ble. So, I would say that’s my Golden era mantra: Be true to your­self. Q: When you’re 80 and you’re sit­ting sip­ping tea and look­ing back over your life, what do you think will be the one thing that you go, ‘Wow I did that, that was me, all me’? @RICKSTERSXTOUR A:

I al­ready have that thought oc­ca­sion­ally. I don’t spend much time look­ing back but some­times when it comes up in con­ver­sa­tion I will al­ready think, wow, did I do that? Q: Kylie, do you ever get tired of an­swer­ing ques­tions about your age and love life? @FOXYFUNKADELIC A: Yes, both! Q: Look­ing back at your ca­reer, which non-sin­gle al­bum track would you have wanted to be a sin­gle? @IP_1984 A: I would have loved (2007’s) The One to have a full-scale re­lease. Q: What is your favourite song by your lit­tle sis @Dan­niMinogue? If you were to cover one of her songs, which would you choose? @POPLANDTV A: All I Wanna Do and Put the Nee­dle on It. Def­i­nitely! Q: With such a huge reper­toire of songs to choose from, how do you re­mem­ber all the lyrics? Is there any­thing you do to help you? @ELIZADAY5 A: Some­times I don’t re­mem­ber them all! I can be mo­men­tar­ily dis­tracted by some­thing or just so lost in the mo­ment that the lyrics go out the win­dow. Hah! Q: Will there ever be a col­lab­o­ra­tion be­tween the two queens of pop — Kylie and Madonna? (Or even a photo to­gether to get us long­stand­ing fans by) @BENJAMINORAMS A: Maybe one day, that would be amaz­ing. Q: Who is on your dream list for Kylie col­lab­o­ra­tions? I en­vis­age a Dolly duet with that Is­lands In the Stream num­ber at the Golden events. @MERBOY82 A:

There are so many artists I would love to duet with. Where do I be­gin? Ev­ery time I per­form with some­one, it’s dif­fer­ent. There’s an un­spo­ken re­spect and a ‘know­ing’ be­tween you and the other per­former and cer­tainly from my point of view, I al­ways feel like I’ve gained some­thing from the ex­pe­ri­ence. Q: What do you like and dis­like the most about fame? @RHONDA029 A:

I love be­ing able to con­nect with peo­ple and have a pos­i­tive im­pact through song or per­for­mance. This feel­ing has got stronger over the years and I guess it’s the main rea­son I carry on even when the less de­sir­able as­pects of fame ap­pear. If the bal­ance was ever tipped too far, I might feel dif­fer­ently. Q: Have you ever seen a Kylie drag trib­ute act? If so, what did you think? Sashay away? Or, shan­tay you stay? @LEIGHLOOPETH A: Yes, I have and it was fan­tas­tic. The sur­prise was that I was the least ‘Kylie’ of all the Kylies!

Q: How about do­ing car­pool with James Cor­den? @NM6917

A: I saw James in Lon­don not long ago as we were on the same ra­dio show. Yes, I would love to do car­pool karaoke.

Q: Would you con­sider smaller, more in­ti­mate gigs like Anti Tour go­ing for­ward? @ADAM_JORDAN

A: The Golden al­bum launch shows were all in small venues and I loved ev­ery sec­ond of it. I would love to do more gigs like that but, at the same time, I’m su­per ex­cited about plan­ning the arena tour.


HEAR GOLDEN (BMG/Liberator) out now

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